It’s all about contradiction

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Hidden stories behind famous photographs

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“Still photographs are the most powerful weapons in the world”

Eddie Adams

1 — Fortino Sámano—1917

Weapons from science fictions that do exist in the real world

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War is the ‘Engine of the Progress’ of modern science and technology.

Understanding the true capabilities of my life

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“Winner is the one who dominate. He always wins.”

We are only guests on this planet who are allowed to live according to nature’s own will

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“The oldest Homo sapiens fossils that anthropologists have found thus far date to around 315,000 years ago. That means we can say that modern humans are at least that old. “

Nathaniel Scharping

Painting from the movie “Cleopatra”

This is the story of her life and death.

Amazing discoveries that drowned in the history

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1 — Recording thoughts

You can be wrong, but it’s never too late to change

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There’s something that urgently needs to be changed

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1 — You constantly try to make a good impression.

This article is about being yourself

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Compassionate, high-energy operating roboticist writing about Science and History.

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